Learn How to Start a Profitable Window Cleaning Business From Home!

You literally can start your new venture TOMORROW if you follow my directions.

Yes, you can start making money tomorrow morning if you follow our step by step directions!

NOW is a GREAT time to start your NEW Window Cleaning Business RIGHT FROM HOME! -- WindowCash.com

Welcome To WindowCash.com

I look forward to sharing this fantastic Money Making Secret we found many years ago. That secret was plain and simply "Window Cleaning"

I know it sounds a bit silly but hear me out. I promise it will all make sense once I explain how starting a Window Cleaning Service can make you great money literally tomorrow if you choose!

This is a LEGIT and PROVEN business idea that has virtually ZERO overhead and costs very little to start! Window Cleaning has very high margins and there are virtually no limits to how big you can grow your new company!

Don't Believe It?

Stop right now and open up ANY yellow pages and compare the Window Cleaning companies to the amount of homes (the white section) and the businesses (the yellow section) Most of the time it is roughly 10,000 to one. As I said, more potential business then anyone could handle.

No matter where you live there is still more business then you will ever be able to handle. This is one reason I do not mind sharing this fantastic money making secret!

I want to share with you a secret I discovered many years ago. That secret of course is Window Cleaning and how much money you can make simply WASHING WINDOWS!

My Small Business Story

How I Started My Window Cleaning Business

I wanted my own business, PERIOD. There was no debating it. The LAST thing I wanted was to get a dead end job.
The real dilemma was...What business can you start with little cash?

Virtually NONE. Regardless, my capital for starting my new business was anemic. This narrowed my choices down considerably as you can imagine. I refused to work a job making someone else rich. NO WAY! I knew that the secret to success was to work SMART and not hard. After over a several failed business ideas and attempts I had two choices.


I remember feeling miserable and beyond hopeless. I had a family to support and we needed money fast. I made a choice that changed my live in ways you wouldn't believe.

I decided to try ONE quick marketing idea rather than going to another job. I remember even holding a newspaper with the dreaded "Help Wanted" section. The odds are, you know what I mean. When you open up a paper and look through the "Help Wanted" section it makes you feel a certain way I wont try to describe. Let us just say it is depressing and move on. I recall saying to myself...

"This new idea to get Window Cleaning customers HAS to work or I will be stuck in the rat race for good"


WHAT HAPPENED NEXT CHANGED MY LIFE IN EVERY WAY! Within 3 Weeks I had made thousands doing Window Cleaning!
(In fact just week 3 alone I made over $1,600 working by myself). I Was Thrilled!

This was regular money I could count on! Reliable money! When I think back I remember thinking it was literally too easy. Too good to be true! There MUST be a catch! Well, it WAS true & there was NO catch! MY NEW WINDOW CLEANING BUSINESS WAS GROWING LIKE CRAZY AND I WAS JUST THRILLED!

I spent the next month using the same marketing methods and my window cleaning service literally exploded! Every day I made more money then the last! THIS FELT GREAT!

This Is How We Got Started

What is missing is all of the mistakes and blunders I made over the years and boy I made quite a few. I had NO ONE to show me HOW to clean windows (yes, there is a right way and a wrong way to wash windows). No one to show me what NOT to do. Fortunately, YOU will have help. This is where I come in.

When I started my Window Cleaning Business I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! The work was easy, the hours were good, there was no boss over my shoulder and best of all I realized...


Starting a Window Washing Service is easy but there are many things you MUST KNOW in order to succeed.

Window Cleaning is a home based business that anyone at almost any age, sex, skill level, education can easily start and run with great success with the right guidance and information. I provide the answers to all of the questions the window cleaning industry has kept "secret" for years. Secrets other window washers and window washing businesses have been very upset with me for sharing.



I am here to prove there are REAL Home Business ides that WORK. The BEST part is this Home based Business is Easy and Affordable (under $400) to Start. With your own Home Based Window Cleaning Service YOU call the shots and YOU decide how far you want to take your new business. If you need a day off to be with your family then TAKE THE DAY OFF! This benefit of being self employed is priceless.



Think About This

When you have a job there is no such thing as "Job Security". Generally, you have ONE job with ONE boss that you can lose at the drop of a hat. Then what? When you have a Window Cleaning Business you have HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of accounts or "jobs" Losing one or two will NOT cause you to lose anything.

You can make a full time business out of it like I did or you can make an extra $300 or $400 a week working only a day or two right from the comfort of your home. How far you go is up to you. This is NOT the case when you have a job.


You can literally BEGIN NOW by ordering my online training guide below. This may be YOUR "Get a Job or Try One Last Thing" moment!

What if it truly is?

I made my training system very simple to follow and learn yet still comprehensive and complete. I show you the FASTEST, EASIEST & MOST PROFITABLE path to Window Cleaning Success! After All, you are starting your business to MAKE MONEY! This is the bottom line right? Knowledge and training spells success. I offer both.


Starting a Window Washing is not a complicated service but starting, growing and running a very profitable window cleaning company takes know how and this is where I come in!

I started building my Window Cleaning Package to help anyone from any walk of life start a successful Window Cleaning Business for under $400 start up cost (supplies and advertising included! My goal was to show people EASILY & EXACTLY HOW I DID IT. And that is exactly what we are willing to do just for you! I want to share with you what I discovered that literally changed my life almost instantly!

Starting a Window Cleaning Company from home can change your life and make you very wealthy!

BookFor 10 years now, we have helped people like Firefighters, Marine Corp. Sergeants, Retired Police Officers, School Teachers, Business Professionals, Retirees, High School Kids and Housewives start their own successful window cleaning businesses with under $400. They all came to us looking for a better way of life for themselves and their families and found it with my Online training package. My Online training package will teach you every detail you need to start your company right away to fit your lifestyle and schedule. With this business, YOU DO NOT NEED TO QUIT YOUR CURRENT JOB. Just another benefit of starting your own Window Cleaning Business with my Online Training Guide!

SOLID PROOF from a reputable & verifiable source

Home Business Magazine lists Window Cleaning as a Top Ten Business to Start From Home! They ALSO List US, WindowCash.com as the website to start your new business with. Our sincere THANKS go out to "Small Business Opportunities" magazine for their review of our Window Cleaning Training Package and website.

There you have it! Proof that Staring a Window Cleaning Business MAKES MONEY and Using MY Training Guide is a GREAT way to start.

Why Window Cleaning?

  • Start with under $400!

    You can get all your supplies AND advertising done for under $400! Plus you get personal help from people who are in the business for as long as you need! We have yet to see a business like that anywhere.

  • Good money!

    $100,000 a year can provide you a very comfortable life. No matter what your education level, you can make a very good living for yourself in this business!

  • Guaranteed work!

    No matter what the economy is like you will still have your work. The risk of being fired or laid off is gone. Your money will always be there if you follow my plan.

  • Unlimited growth potential!

    Build your company as big as you can handle it! Make your goal to work part time or to have 5 crews working for you. Its all up to you!

  • Easy work!

    Window cleaning is EASY when you have the proper training. Anyone from 14 to 80 can do it. In the package, I show you all the "tricks of the trade" plus reveal the "secret formula" that costs $1 for 5 gallons.

  • Never pay full price again!

    Once you acquire new commercial jobs, you'll make friends in every type of business. You will always get discounts on things like food, haircuts, eyewear, clothing, and almost anything out there.

  • Never boring!

    Unlike most jobs that are repetitive and dull, window cleaning you are always out and about with new jobs to do, new people to meet and new things to see.

  • Work when you want!

    If you want to take a week off, take a week off. Build your business and work your business according to what you want and are happy with. This is a very stress free business.

  • No boss!

    Never again have a boss looking over your shoulder or telling you that you cannot have the day off. You will work for YOU now. The freedom of this is fantastic.

  • Prestige!

    You will be a business owner. No longer are you an employee. Never again look through those dreaded help wanted ads, be laid off or fired. Never again sit through those awful job interviews only to hear you are not good enough for that company. Owning a business of your own brings instant pride and satisfaction. Its not all about the money. You will have a completely new self image, this is priceless!

Again, the MAIN reason to start a Window Washing Business...

OVER $100,000 PER YEAR!

(or $2054.23 per week)

Yes! You Can Achieve This With Some Hard Work!

Even in this down economy you CAN do VERY WELL by starting a Window Cleaning Company! Think of what life would be like not having to answer to a boss. Think about what life would be like having the free time & money you always wanted. Trust me, this only comes from owning your own business. I take all of your risk away and spell out everything you need in my online training guide.

I will teach you EXACTLY how to create YOUR business with ease!

Don't suffer financially anymore when you don't have to. Starting a Window Cleaning Business is EASY, it is FUN and it can make you VERY WEALTHY! I'm sure you have heard many times from people that starting a business is "risky" and you need to have a "real job" to be secure in life. BookWell my friend, the next time someone says that to you, ask them how secure people are when they have "one boss and one job to lose" Having ALL of your eggs in one basket is FAR from secure! This means if you lose ONE, you lose EVERYTHING!

When you have several hundred jobs (as you will with your new business), you can lose one job or one boss can fire you and you still have PLENTY more. Make sense? IT WILL AFTER YOU GET YOUR PACKAGE! Don't let this fantastic opportunity pass you buy.

Don't close this page when getting the help you need from me may be the one decision to make your life FINALLY start to be abundant. What if what I am saying is TRUE and your life will change DRASTICALLY once you decide to allow me to take you on as a new student and friend. Little choices can create GIANT results.

Choose to let me help you build a successful Window Cleaning Company! I make our package VERY affordable so ANYONE can enjoy this fantastic business. Take a look below and see for yourself.


My Online Training Program gives you all of the information you need at your fingertips. Sent to you in the form of an E-Book, you will have all the info you need from start to finish regarding your new window cleaning business.

Here are the chapters covered in my E Book.

  • Chapter 1: Getting Started

  • Chapter 2: Go Clean Something

  • Chapter 3: Starting With Simple Things

  • Chapter 4: Reverse Engineering

  • Chapter 5: Office Systems

  • Chapter 6: Up-Sell System

  • Chapter 7: Sales System

  • Chapter 8: Employee Pay System

  • Chapter 9: Learning To Budget

  • Chapter 10: Phone System

  • Chapter 11: Create The Unicorn

  • Chapter 12: Becoming A Leader

  • Chapter 13: The 5 Touch Referral System

  • Chapter 14: Service Is King

  • Chapter 15: Beans And Rice

  • Chapter 16: Website Development

  • Chapter 17: C.A.S.T

  • Chapter 18: Discounts For You

  • Chapter 19: Take Risks

Order your online copy of “Window Wealth" right now and start right your new Window Cleaning Venture TODAY! Don't let this fantastic business opportunity pass you by. Again, this is not another false "GET RICH QUICK" scheme but rather a PROVEN, PROFITABLE BUSINESS VENTURE! And now, you have the full training and direction right at your fingertips. Within minutes of your order, the training package is sent right to your e-mail address!


Download a copy of “Window Wealth" right now and start right away:


Every new customer ordering our fantastic online package gets free access to our 7 Training Videos! The videos contains priceless information including:

  • Video #1 "How To Clean Windows"

    A 43 minute detailed look into residential window cleaning techniques including safety

  • Video #5 "The Customer Lifecycle"

    This video explains the key to understand how to KEEP your customers for years to come

  • Video #2 "Become A Nightmare"

    How to make your business so hard to compete with that no one even wants to try

  • Video #6 "How To Sell"

    No cheesy used car salesman tactics here. Only solid and proven methods to close the deal for the highest possible price

  • Video #3 "Systems Overview"

    A 20 minute high intensity video explaining the actual systems used in my business

  • Video #7 "The C.A.S.T. System"

    I will show you how to get as many new customers as you want without ever knocking on a door, passing out a flyer, or cold calling

  • Video #4 "Creating Value"

    The single most important idea that almost no small business owners understand

IT IS NOT DIFFICULT TO MAKE $300, $500, $800 or even $1000 a week during the first few weeks or months of your new venture as long as you follow the online guide and believe in your new venture as well as your self!

This information is literally priceless!

Don't let this fantastic opportunity pass you by.


Window Wealth E Book And Video Training Package

Owning Your Own Business and How It Feels to Be Your Own Boss

We know that everywhere you turn your head there is a new so called method or business plan to make money from home or make you rich. Always ask yourself "If this method works so well why is this website selling it instead of using it?" It can be frustrating when you really need help and are looking for a legit business idea to start. (My business website is www.birdsbeware.com)

Window Cleaning is a PROVEN home based business you can start RIGHT NOW!


REMEMBER, THIS IS A LEGIT AND PROVEN MONEY MAKING BUSINESS YOU CAN START RIGHT NOW! With your own Window Cleaning Service you WILL have to put forth a little effort. You WILL have to work a little but you know what? ANY BUSINESS that honestly WORKS and can make you wealthy will require a little effort on your behalf. Don't get us wrong, Starting your own Window Washing Company is essentially EASY but you still need to follow the directions we provide and WANT to be a success. If you can do those two tasks, you WILL be a proud financial success and a thriving Window Cleaning Business Owner!

The Security and Pride that comes with starting and growing your very own home based company cannot be described. You will feel a new level of security, pride, happiness and comfort. To me, the freedom to grow and do as you want is the BEST part of being a self employed business owner. Perhaps you will feel the money and pride are the best parts. Either way, start working for YOURSELF by ordering my online training guide and stop making someone else rich.

Every bit of work you do should be for YOU and YOUR FAMILY NOT for someone else!

We wish you the best and look forward to your success!

Joshua Latimer, Birds Beware Window Cleaning